South Bermondsey Big Local

Big Local Website Main PhotoWe are a local charity organisation based in The South Bermondsey community, we have a community hub called The Big Local Works which hosts a number a exciting events and groups, including The Job Club and a rented space. We are here to support our community, with aim to inspire and develop local projects and help other organisations grow! 


South Bermondsey Partnership stemmed from a new initiative from The National Lottery. They were concerned that the people most in need were not applying for funding and so they afforded the opportunity to local organisations and groups to identify areas of multiple deprivation and to apply for funding on behalf of those communities. There are now 152 Big Locals across the country and we are proud to be one of them.

Our group identified 6 large estates along The Old Kent Road to work with and for 2 years with small amounts of seed funding from The National Lottery we worked mostly with the tenant and resident associations on those sites to help them identify what needed to be done to make their area a better place to live. We aim to work with Elder people who feel isolated from the community, younger people who need to develop more skills and green open spaces which would benefit the community.

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Green Spaces

We want our ears to be visibly cared for with green and open spaces trended to by local people for community benefit 

Older People

We want to surposrt older people who are less mentally well or with physical issues and prepare them to be fully able to participate in community life

Young People

We want to help young people to develop skills enabling them to participate in the wider community and within two years be some form of further training , volunteering or in employment.




Years old


Important Volunteers




The Big Local South Bermondsey Partnership is open for membership to all who share its aims and values who live, work , or have a keen interest in the Partnership's area.  This includes residents from the 5 Big Local estates of Astley & Cooper, Avondale Square/CAPIC (Children and Parents in the Community, Bonamy and Bramcote, Caroline Gardens and Ledbury and Bromyard, residents from other estates in the South Bermondsey and North Livesey aras such as Manor, Tustin and Rennie, businesses in the Blue Shopping Centre, housing associations, Millwall Football Club, Voluntary, Third Sector and statutory agencies working in the area.  Partnership members elect the Big Local South Bermondsey Partnership members at the AGM and can attend and contribute to all Steering group meetings.  However, only elected members take decisions at these meetings. 

At least 51% of members must be individuals who live within the Big Local area boundaries (which is part of the wider area covered by the Partnership). Members reflect the range and diversity of people who live and work in the local area, for example in relation to age, ethnicity , gender, faith, disability, income levels

The membership will seek to provide an appropriate mix of individuals who are able to guide and influece the Partnership so that it achieves its objectives and who represent the different communities of interest within the neighbourhood.

Members of the Group will hold their positions by reference to the constituency they represent and participate 'in their own right' which means that they cannot represent the views of any other person or organisation. Members of the Group must formally agree to accept the terms of reference and the Parthership's Code of Condut as a condition of membership

A big thanks to our sponsors!