Job Club is a Big Local project that operates at Big Local Works. What we offer is a free, confidential and impartial advice to people in Bermondsey and the rest of Southwark.

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Our Mission

After a year working on our local estates it became apparent that local people needed more advice and guidance regarding the benefits maze, guidance to get work ready and support to seek employment.So on 13th September 2017 we launched the Big Local Works Job Club.

Meet our team

Lea-anne Clayton

Lea-anne is a volunteer with her local tenant and resident association as well as with the Big Local South Bermondsey Partnership.  After completing her degree in housing she wanted to find local employment in a job role where she could beneficially support local people and so she accepted a role to set up the newly formed job club. If you would like to see examples of her work please read the Job Club Blog and for useful updates:


We are open Monday and Wednesday from 10.00-3.00 outside of these days you can book by phone or by coming in to the office to meet with our Advisor, Leaanne Clayton.


4 Market Place 

Southwark Park Road

London SE16 3UQ 


Tel:  0207 237 5221

Email:  jobclubblw@mail.com

Who we help

1. Application, reconsideration & appeals process

A 50-year-old lady who was in receipt of Personal independence payment was assessed and had her money dropped to low rate care component.

The lady suffers from Depression, agoraphobia, anxiety and type 2 diabetes

Feeling bewildered and scared about the whole process and not knowing how to appeal this decision she approached me for her for help and advice.

I applied for the case to be reviewed by the Department for Work and Pensions without success.

Going forward I applied for the decision to be taken to a tribunal.

I attended the hearing and made sure I was there to support the lady from start to finish.

The outcome was successful, high rates of care and mobility were awarded and the lady is not to be called for assessment for the next 10 years.

2. Employment and support Allowance, mandatory reconsideration, appeal.

A gentleman, in receipt of ESA, placed in the work related group.

The gentleman was suffering from various illnesses making it extremely difficult to seek work or attend ESA work related programmes, impacting on his quality of life.

After an initial assessment he was deemed fit enough to work and he was told he would no longer be entitled to ESA.

Through word of mouth I began to help and offer advice on the mandatory reconsideration process. I started this process on his behalf and became a contact to the DWP taking away any concerns the gentlemen had.

I appealed on the grounds that the assessment did not consider various issues around this man’s everyday living and how being in training or employment would seriously impact on the gentlemen’s wellbeing.

The reconsideration was unsuccessful which led to a myself attending a tribunal hearing with this man.

The hearing lasted less than 10 minutes and the gentlemen was awarded Employment and Support Allowance, supported element.

3. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) & Carers Allowance

A young Mum was referred to me by a worker in a local school.

Her Child was 15 years old and had been previously diagnosed with Asperger’s.

The lady is a single Mum with four children who had recently been moved on to Universal Credit which led to employment. Whilst in work she was finding it extremely hard caring for her son with additional needs.

She was not receiving any extra financial support for her son and this led me to apply for DLA. I gathered all appropriate information from the Mum and applied for DLA on her behalf.

Within 8 weeks the claim was successful, with the rates of Middle rate care component and low rate mobility being awarded.

Following on from DLA the Mum was still struggling to care and be around for her son if and when needed whilst trying to work a full-time job.

We met again and I explained that she was able to claim carers allowance and this might be the best solution for both herself and son and this may help to relax her personal circumstances, taking away the pressures she was facing. The was awarded within six weeks.

4. Blue Badge Application

A gentlemen who cared for his sister needed help to apply for Blue Badge. He was aware that he could apply for a blue badge but did not know how. The gentlemen’s sister was in receipt of attendance allowance.

Applying for a Blue Badge is a applied for online and can be very daunting for someone not familiar with computers.

I visited the Gentlemen and his sister at their home and applied for the blue on their behalf and uploaded all relevant information.

The blue badge was awarded to the brother on behalf of the sister and this now makes journeys for them easier and smoother.